Printing, Plottering


a) direct printing is the most used technology providing high coverage. It is suitable for the majority of ordinary materials including textiles.

b) rotary screen printing is used for printing cylindrical objects such as cups, glasses, ashtrays, etc. The advantage is the possibility to print the subject all around and even multicolor.

Sublimation printing

Sublimation printing means application of sublimation ink onto the surface of an object using a heat press, setting a certain temperature, time and pressure. Printing can be applied to a wide variety of items suiatable for sublimation printing and textiles with high content of polyester fibers as t-shirts, head scarfs or key laces.

Transfer printing

is printing on a transmission medium / special paper / mirrored and then ironed to the surface / mostly textile / in a special press.

Pad printing

Pad printing is the most frequently used technique in 3D advertising,  used for the majority of materials, except textiles. Small products are usually printed by this technology, as pens, keyrings, lighters.


Plottering is a technology that allows trimming of already printed full color motives into any shape. It is used for car advertising, buses, storefronts, shop banners, neon signs, company signs, information tables, labels, billboards, etc.

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