Sweets, gastro

Very favourite is confection with your logo. We provide sugar in your design, lolly pops and sweets, either in small boxes or different packaging. This confection is a very good way of presentation at company events. You can choose also from many different taylor-made chocolates, bonbons and cookies in gift boxes with branding.

Honey cakes

Very favourite, especially during Christmas time are our traditional home-made honey cakes (classic or whole-grain). We can bake them with your logo, picture or a Christmas wish in many shapes, colours and sizes. Honey cakes are a perfect decoration of Christmas gift parcels, as they are affordable, original and taste great!

Honey/ Jam

Our honey is produced in Slovakia. We provide it in different sizes, shapes and packaging. Another interesting product is honey with nuts or dried fruits. We can print your logo or just put a compliment card. We should not forget about very healthy pollen. Pollen is outstanding for its healing effects and as an immunity support. Slovak home-made jams. You can choose from these flavours: strawberry, apple/billberry, plum/cinamon, pear/ginger, appricote, raspberry, plum/black tea, pear/chocolate, strawberry/chocolate, cherry/chocolate.  Slovak home made syrups . You can choose from these flavours: lavender, hibiscus/ginger, elder/ ginger, black elder.


There are different kinds of teas we offer: tea leaves or tea bags, in paper or wooden boxes or special gift wrapping. A perfect winter gift.

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